1 thought on “Continuing Care Home Care Home Position Paper 2021”

  1. Delores Woodley

    You have done a great job identifying the key priorities that exist within the province of Nova Scotia. These are the same challenges that exist in Ontario. Recruiting is a major concern within this sector and has been for many years. It is difficult to keep staff as the home care organizations cannot provide full time or even part time guaranteed hours plus benefits. The larger organizations have been able to offer this to some staff because they have contracts with the health authority and other companies. It is more difficult for some of the smaller organizations as they don’t have the volume and cannot provide the hours for their staff, which results in high attrition rates. With large turnover rates, patients lack continuity and there is a revolving door of health care workers providing care and service. If the recruiting issues are addressed this will improve communication, continuity and care. I have worked in leadership roles within the home care sector for over 20 years, from private home care companies to the LHIN in Ontario as well as internationally and the biggest challenge was staffing. I commend you for your efforts to improve home care within our province of Nova Scotia.

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