1 thought on “C.A.R.P. NS HAC Continuing Care Home Care Home Position Paper v2 May2021”

  1. I have reviewed the CARP Report and agree/endorse it’s recommendations.
    I am a 84yr old military veteran with a certified disability. I recieve the GIS.

    I need continuous care with normal life functions. This care is more than adequately provided by my loving Wife, Monica. I wish to spend my remaining years in my home.
    The only continuing home care I need is occasional visits by a home care provider who can give my wife Monica a weekly break to get groceries or run errands. We need her to be paid a modest tax free salary which she currently for which she currently doesn’t qualify.
    I recommend that a study be commissioned to determine the cost savings by allowing the elderly, like myself, to remain in their homes instead of as opposed to housing them in Government financed institutions. By demonstrating the considerable cost savings by making it possible for seniors to remain in their homes, Government can then justify paying family caregivers a modest salary which would be a fraction of the cost of nursing home accommodations.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Donald Fraser ph 902 889-9296, email address donaldfraser140@gmail.com

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